Motorcycle Maintenance


Brake Fluid Flush/Bleed

Single Disc Front $49.95

Dual Disc Front $59.95

Rear Single Disc $49.95

Using DOT 3, 4, 5 or 5.1, we’ll flush out the old and fill it with fresh DOT Brake Fluid. 



Fork Seal Replacement

$199 plus parts for most bikes.

Includes removal and installation of forks from bike, Seal and Fluid replacement.

* A sur charge may be applied if removal of Fairing is required to remove the front forks. See store for details


Tune Up

Start at $99.95

Includes Oil change, Spark Plug replace (2), Air filter inspection and our 50-point inspection to get your bike ready and tuned. Each bike is different and may require additional services. Like carb syncing for those old bikes.